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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Time For Lido Row To Lie Down

London Fields Lido on a foggy morningAfter all the clucking and honking from the farmyard animals at Not The Clissold Leisure Centre, including some very unpleasant and unjustified pokes at me, I decided to check things out for myself early this morning.

As I don't like walking about in the streets amongst the peasantry, I thought I'd take a helicopter ride over London Fields to see for myself.

As you can see from the photo I took - despite the rubbishing from the anarchists and cyclists - there is absolutely nothing wrong with our new prestige project, The London Fields Lido.

Unfortunately I didn't chose the best day, however, as there seemed to be quite an extensive fog hanging over the pool which did spoil the photo somewhat.


Anonymous said...

That's steam and pound notes floating up out of the pool. Heating an open air pool 24 hours a day, Pipe's commitment to Kyoto and spending our taxes sensibly knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Yep your Right Pipey has created his micro-environment in London Fields we will have palm trees and creepers. Hackney Council's Electricity Meter is on overdrive

Fred Bingley said...

Hackney Council doesn't have an electricity meter. I think you are confusing this with a similar fast-moving device known as a Council Tax bill.