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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Al Jazeera Interview With Tony Blair Was Edited

David of ArabiaThe media has been revelling in it over the past 24 hours with such headlines as:

"Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq" - BBC
"Blair admits Iraq 'disaster'" - The Age, Australia
"Another case of foot-in-mouth" - Gulf News, UAE
"Storm over Blair 'Iraq disaster'" - CNN International"
"Blair trip dogged by 'disaster' admission" - The Scotsman
"Iraq war was a disaster, admits Blair" - Times of India
"Invasion 'disaster', Blair tells al-Jazeera" - Irish Times
"Iraq invasion a disaster, Blair admits" - The Telegraph.

But the truth is that the Al Jazeera footage was faked, with the key section of the interview edited to show The Great Leader in a bad light.

The video clip below shows the Al Jazeera news broadcast as it was transmitted, including the following exchange between David Frost and Tony Blair (6 minutes into the clip):

David Frost: "But...but... so far it's been... you know... pretty much of a disaster..."

Tony Blair: "It... it has... (but you see) what I say to people is: Why is it difficult in Iraq? It is not difficult because of some accident in planning."

If you watch the video closely, you will see a camera cut between Frost's comment and Blair's response. Moreover, the cut does not look right, with a jerkiness between the two camera shots that is not found in other cuts in this footage.

I can now exclusively reveal what was actually said - and edited out by the terrorist supporters and anti-Labour trouble-makers of Al Jazeera - was as follows:

David Frost: "But...but... so far it's been... you know... pretty much of a disaster... at least in the eyes of the Muslim world. I know you don't accept this argument and you would never agree to such an assertion. But bringing in smart new people to help you resolve the situation before your departure must be on your mind. Hasn't it been tempting to call for Luke Akehurst?""

Tony Blair: "It... it has... (but you see) what I say to people is: Why is it difficult in Iraq?

As a conspirator in this political fraud, Sir David Frost should be stripped of his knighthood and banished from the kingdom for the rest of his life. Like T.E. Lawrence, he's clearly gone native. Whatever happened to the jolly chappie and intellectual giant who Margaret Thatcher once described as a "giant in his profession"? Clearly his profession is now the support of terrorism and the defeat of decent, upstanding Catholic democrats. It's a disgrace.

1 comment:

Fred Bradford said...

You're not wrong, matey. There is a funny cut inbetween Frost and Blair. Who do you think is responsible. Is it the KGB? Maybe the same guy who poisoned that nice bloke from wherever it was.