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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Good Day To Bury News

So, as you'd expect, the Trots have been jumping on bandwagons all day. First they attached themselves to conspiracy theorists and the Diana enquiry and later in the day, suffering angst at being on the same side as Louby Lou (aka. Mohammed Al Fayed), they decided to shift the focus of their looney-lefty attention to closures of Post Offices and the devastating impact of this on The Women's Institute.

'And who are you?' 'I'm the man paying to keep you in power.'Ha ha! Missed it, idiots. All of this noise was carefully arranged to drown out the real story of the day, in advance of The Great Leader's visit to the Middle East.

This was Tony's very sensible decision to ensure that corruption charges over Britain's defence deal with Saudi Arabia have been dropped.

I mean, as a PR consultant for armaments companies, I understand full well why we should protect the biggest export deal in British history. All of us depend on the strength of the British economy and what's a few brown envelopes and the odd hand chopped off compared with the financial disaster that would beset Britain if we p****d off the Saudis? Let's not have any trendy-leftie liberal crap here. Put your hand up if you'd like to pay more Council Tax as a result of the government making ethical decisions.

Ethics? It's a county near Middlesex!


Faisal bin Laden said...

I'd put my hand up as you ask, but unfortunately, after an unfortunate visit to Woolworth in Jeddah in my youth, I haven't got any hands.

Derek Melbourne said...

Look, a chap's gotta have some petrol so he can motor over to see his Sheila now and again. Look, don't spoil things by stirring it up with the sand devils or you'll get bitten in the end. Look, stick with our allies, that's what I say. Even if you are a bit sore about losing the Ashes.