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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December Stats

Another great month, although both unique visitors and page views were a little down on November's record figures. After I put additional moderation measures onto the site, the number of wierdos commenting on archived postings that haven't been on display for months was significantly reduced. The graph below shows my cumulative numbers since May 2006. I'll pass the 40,000 unique visitor mark some time in the next few days!

Cumulative stats for 2006

Top referring source after Google and Blogger by some clear margin was those damned Clissold swimmers, followed by Shiraz Socialist whoever he or she is, Reclaim The Right, Hackney Independent and Karen Cross. My spoofster dropped into eighth place (presumably through lack of visitors), followed by a rag-bag of bloggers who think they have something in common with me or can make personal gains by being associated with my site.

Main referrals for December 2006
For the second successive month I can publish statistics on the networks used by referring sources. The major local ISPs again topped the lists - Telewest/NTL, BT, AOL, Tiscali, etc. For the second month in a row, the Houses of Parliament figured very prominently. Whereas last month's data was largely due to Karen logging on and off every hour to check whether her smiling face had appeared on my site, the figure this month can only be explained by other "shadowy figures" in Parliament. So far no-one has owned up.

Another organisation at the top of the leader board is global PR/mega-media outfit McCann Erickson. They figured highly last month as well, but I neglected to make a comment. It's a bit uncomfortable when you work for one of the world's largest PR firms to know that you are being monitored on a regular basis by one of your major competitors. Spooky!

I'm delighted to report that, after my severe warning to the local peasantry, website hits from the London Borough of Hackney network have significantly declined, pushing Hackney Council to 19th in the network stats. The local plebians are now busy doing what they are paid for, rather than engaging in sophisticated political discussion that would, of course, go completely over their heads. The residual numbers I put down to Julian and Penny, with some hits no doubt from Meaiughhkhhk Gullivers-Travels, who must be wondering why I haven't written anything about the boring old fart all month!

Network visitor statistics for December 2006
Heaviest days of traffic: Nov 5th (We're Losing The War In Iraq/Compass Points The Other Way) and Nov 12th (I'm Spartacus/Tory Bloggers Don't Mention The War).

Most read posts: Clissold Pool - Some Minor Problems (God, those bloody swimmers again!) and Christmas/New Year Wish List

The best-ever collection of google seach terms leading to this site:

"smashed out of my brains on a night out in Portsmouth"
"Touch my bum"
"Cindarella at The Hackney Empire"
"X-factor rejects"
"a nice caravan holiday"
"Why is Hackney Council so awful?"
"unprincipled, opportunist, careerist, scheming, double-dealing hypocrite"
"Louby Lou and Mohammed Al Fayed"
"arrested for smoking dope"
"Hackney Toady"
"embarrassing personal details"
"helicopter evacuation of Saigon"
"large squid"
"Julian gives a good thumping"
"I need to be referred for psychiatric help"
"the fires of damnation"
"Where do I get my gas boiler repaired?"
"Islington folk singers"
"Guantanamo Bay residents"
"Register of Members' Interests"
"How do I get a salary of £134,000?"
"foie gras, fillet steak and claret"
"black and white minstrels spoof"
"I'd like an awesome new member"
"creative juices"
"enjoying a pint with Mancunian students"
"when will the pool re-open?"


horace gilsalmon said...

Just because I do a bit of surfing in the hope of meeting a Cindarella who will touch my bum and give me a good thumping followed by a nice swim, it doesn't give you the right to publish my details all over the internet. If I knew who you were I would call my solicitors immediately.

Cheeky said...

I want to make clear that we only surfed your blog by accident because our computer automatically finds ginger people as they are generally what used to be called 'swingers'. Once we realised that the only place you were likely to swing was a gibbet we stopped looking at your site.