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Friday, February 09, 2007

Council By-Elections

Julian's fetching entry in the Town Hall Square statue competition
Pharoh Julian I
Phew! We got away with it last night in Bede Ward, Nuneaton, after our candidate Val Richardson scraped home just ahead of the BNP.

Val is a relatively unknown replacement for the well-respected Labour Councillor Sheila Hancox, who resigned recently. The Tory candidate Damon Brown had not impressed locally, the ward is notorious for its low turnout and it's been snowing.

So maybe it would have been a better idea if our candidate had been on the hustings rather than on holiday in Egypt throughout the campaign. Mind you, would you want to be trudging about in the snow in Nuneaton like the BNP candidate if you could be tanning yourself in Aswan?

I wonder why the BNP did so well?

And not a bad result in Croydon last night in the by-election in Bensham Manor Ward. Alison Butler, who lost her seat in a trouncing during the May elections, picked up the vacant safe seat of Deputy Leader Paula Shaw and managed to lose only 122 of Paula's tally of 1805 votes.


The Green Arrow said...

You ask,
"I wonder why the BNP did so well?"

Try thinking about illegal wars, illegal immigrants and corruption. Then go visit the website of the B.N.P. and read what people are saying on their "You Say" page.

Whilst there visit the Mission page. Then you will not have to wonder why.

Then think about

The White Night said...

Errr ... I shouldn't bother. The Green Arrow is loopy (and has little command of the English language).

Luke Akehurst said...

One thing's for certain - sense of humour is not part of the repertoire of the little fascist scumbags.