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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hackney Stays On The Same Grade

I wish I could say that Hackney's CPA (Comprehensive Performance Assessment) grading published today had put us up a star, but unfortunately we remain on the same overall grading level as in 2004.

Hackney - a wonderful improving environment to grow up inThe report, written with help from some good friends of ours at the Audit Commission confirms last August's Corporate Assessment that "Hackney has established effective leadership at a senior level but that this has not yet translated into consistently good performance across the organisation".

Even I have difficulty keeping my tongue firmly in my cheek when I see that the only two areas of service in which Hackney has been ranked higher this year are leisure services and the environment. Presumably our accolades were due to the Clissold Leisure Centre fiasco, the knocking down of those ugly old listed buildings in Dalston and our plans to turn Hackney Marshes into a giant car park.

You'd think when your mates write a report like this they'd make more effort not to have readers falling off their chairs laughing. It's positively embarrassing!

1 comment:

E Strebe-Griebling said...

Well done Sir. Those chaps who poke fun of you simply don't understand how it works, do they? We clear out the moneyless peasants and beggars with their trouble-making children, fill the Borough up with decent respectable chaps who work in the City and then we raise enough revenues to be able to run the Town Hall properly. That was we rise up the ranks of well-performing local authorities. Only the indolent and stupid can't work this out. Pip pip!