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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hackney Is Heading For Perfection

It's taken a long time for my friends and ex-colleagues at LMC, Millbank Tower, London SW1P 4RS and Party HQ at 39 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HA to finally get the people downstairs/down the road (The Audit Commission, Millbank Tower, London SW1P 4HQ) under control, after they wrote so many nasty things about Hackney's performance. They've been tough on Hackney Council since 2001, when the Borough's poor performance was referred to The Secretary of State and Millbank began the process of sending trusted personnel into the Borough to shake up the CLP and the Council.

Hackney since Julian took overMission accomplished, however, and this year's report suggests that Avraham Grohman will not have long to wait before the "coming" turns drab and failing Hackney into a bright and colourful "Toontown" paradise.

I know I should keep my mouth shut on this one, but it's such fun I can't resist tempting you all. See if you can guess exactly who was involved in writing the final draft of the Audit Commission Report after the initial one was rejected. I'll publish the name later in the week and give a prize to anyone who posts or emails in the correct answer between now and then.

Thanks to the spoofster for correcting the Labour Party HQ address for me. The trouble is that the Party has been wheeling and dealing property so much in recent times that a chap has difficulty remembering where it lives. Even the spoofster got it wrong, telling me that Labour HQ is at 38 Victoria Street. Perhaps this was wishful thinking, as this particular address is famous not for New Labour politics but as the departure point for Scott's famous Terra Nova Expedition to Antartica. As far as I know, Tony has no plans to visit cold climates.


Luke Akehurst said...

Labour Party HQ hasn't been in Millbank Tower since 2001.

Luke Akehurst said...

My head was in a spin. I spend so much time with the chaps at the old Media Centre (now LMC) that I sometimes forget that we are just spin doctors and not actually the Party leadership. It's an understandable error. No offence to the Old Queens.

I've corrected the posting now. God job I've got a spoofster to correct me when I make mistakes!

Luke Akehurst said...

You are still wrong. They are now at 38 Victoria Street, Old Queen Street has been sold.

Slasher said...

You ask who wrote this auditors report:"Hackney Council has put in place many of the foundations for achieving excellence... It has established effective leadership at the senior level". The answer must be either Alice in Wonderland or Walter Mitty.