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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lords Reform

If you try to force me out I'll take this woman hostageWhy is everyone moaning about the Government's proposals for "no change" in the upper house, with only half of the members elected? Can anyone give any logical reason why any legislator should not be elected by the people who have to live under the laws they pass?

Except, of course, that when this proposal was leaked by The Veil-Finder General last August, he had not long been removed from his post as Foreign Secretary at the behest of The White House and in his new role as Leader of the House he could expect to retire to Another Place in due course.

It's a bit much for the media to clamour for someone put in charge of Lords Reform by Tony to come up with a proposal to thwart their own appointment! Blimey. What do you want - principles?

1 comment:

philomena gerkins said...

I bet Condie really enjoyed being groped by that revolting slug Straw. Uggghhhhhhh!!!!!!