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Monday, March 12, 2007

You Can All B****r Off!

Goodbye pacifistsNigel Griffiths just resigned as Deputy Leader of the Commons over Trident replacement. And I'm expecting to see the departure shortly of Stephen Pound (PPS to Hazel Blears) and Jim Devine (ministerial aide to health minister Rosie Winterton). The usual suspects are all at it, of course. Islington folk singer Jeremy Corbyn said today: "I hope other MPs will follow suit and start leading the UK down the path of nuclear disarmament, not re-armament, on Wednesday." And no doubt his former partner Diane Portillo will shortly be explaining to the readers of "The Voice" why they should disarm and wait for the North Koreans to send over the missiles.

I see this as a touchstone issue for Labour - it really sorts out those of us who are serious moderates from those who haven't done any rational thinking on strategic security or have thought about it and come to the wrong conclusions. Together with our sensible friends in the Conservative Party we will win this debate and put the motley rabble of LibDems, independents, nationalists and socialists to flight.

My message to the lefty pacifist appeasers is - you can all b****r off!

1 comment:

Edna Gribbins said...

Be careful, young man. If too many people leave the Labour benches you'll eventually depend on the LibDem votes to get motions through, as well as your nice Conservative friends. Mind you, if many more people leave the Party none of this will make a jot of difference.