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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Right Blair Ticket

Arthur Henderson, George Barnes, Bill Adamson, JR Clynes, Ramsay Macdonald, Hugh Gaitskell, James Callaghan... throughout Labour's history the Party has been led by some mighty standard bearers.

The Abbott & Corbyn Roadshow
These leaders have been charismatic, eloquent and capable of inspiring mass support amongst the kind of people who would normally vote Tory.

Challenging this steadfast tradition of solid, dependable boredom comes the latest Labour loony-left dream ticket - McDonnell & Corbyn.

I've made my views of Stalin's old mucker McDonnell pretty clear here, here and here. I also reported here that my old twin-bunk-mate "Thicko" Watson was slagging off McDonnell... and I'm pleased to see that he's still at it this week.

Well, at least I think he's being facetious - you can't always tell with Thicko.

What's far more relevant from a Hackney standpoint (and a great deal more interesting than debate about Cruddas Schmuddas) is the choice of Jeremy Corbyn.

The more quick-witted amongst regular readers will recall that the trendy Islington folk singer made an interesting appearance back in July in connection with a certain female nominee in the Sam Lloyd Town Hall Square Memorial Competition.

In the old days, Jeremy was frequently spotted at Islington/ Hackney border crossing posts on his way to team up with herself as part of the Abbott & Corbyn Roadshow (top of the charts with "Everywhere you go, I'm coming too").

As I explained at the time, the pair eventually split following an unpleasant educational incident involving the City of London School (fees £3,816 per term, plus £168 for school lunches) and Abbott teamed up with former stage partner Denzil Xavier Costello.

So as I prepare to offer my PR skills to ridicule, undermine and frustrate Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, I thoroughly expect to be getting some assistance from a very good friend of mine.
Out in the cold - Denzil Xavier Costello

1 comment:

Ingrid Polansky said...

What a shame that Abbott & Portillo split up. I've got all of their hit records at home.