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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AJ Wades In

Now is not Miliband's time says AJ in the Guardian. Too right!

You may be wondering how come I refer to Alan in quite such familiar terms. It is, of course, because he's of working class origins, which makes it OK. I wouldn't dream of referring to a middle class candidate by their initials.

Personally I want Gordon to be leader next. It might cost us the next election, but under anyone else the defeat would almost certainly be even worse.

And then after him, in five years time, I want it to be someone younger. Someone who will be around 40 years old in the London Olympic Year. Someone with a strong position well to the extreme moderate wing of the Party. Someone with an auburn outlook on life. Someone with a beautiful wife and handsome young son to impress the photographers.

Do you have enough clues yet?

1 comment:

David Cameron said...

That'll be me, then. Except that I wouldn't describe myself as being on the extreme moderate wing. More like the centre moderate green spot.