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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Plea To The Labour Party

There are several hundred Labour Party activists in London with no elections on Thursday 3 May.

"Super" Bob Spink's tasteful Castle Point attractionsThat's a huge campaigning resource which if mobilised could be critical to the outcome of some councils that do have elections. Especially given the dire state of the Party in the popularity polls right now. With our spare resources from London, I calculate that we could add as many as 0.034 activists to each polling station in the local elections.

People with friends outside London have organised day trips to campaign for them, especially where their friends live in places like Cornwall, the Lake District or the Cotswolds. As I don't have any friends like that I'm taking a group to my old stamping ground in Castle Point. Not, of course, that there's much chance of Labour overturning a Tory majority of 8,201.

But Castle Point is cheap and easy to get to, there are some really nice local woodland walks, excellent transport and Dutch cottage museums to amuse myself and Linda and the nearby beach at Southend for Augustus. I'm really looking forward to what I plan to turn into a long weekend break (as long as my boss Colin doesn't find out, of course).

No one from HQ has communicated with us to tell us where we need to go and work, or where there are phone banks we can volunteer at. So for everyone else, can someone at HQ just do an email with the contact details of the nearest key council organisers and what help they need and send it to the "all London members" email group? It will take you five minutes to write and send and could deliver a great boost to the councils where help is really needed. After all, we are Londoners after all. Without help from HQ, how on earth would most of us find our way outside the M25?

Plea over.

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Bob Spink said...

Bring it on.