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Monday, April 09, 2007

It's Not All Bad News

The BPIX poll of 2,034 adults on their attitude to The Great Leader and his 10 years in power published in yesterday's Observer did not make particularly comfortable reading for me. According to the poll findings, Tony wanted better schools and hospitals in a happier nation, but at least half of us think he got it wrong on all counts. He wanted people to trust him, whereas most people don't. In short, the poll found that most of Britain thinks Tony Blair has been a failure on public services, quality of life, crime, immigration and, above all, Iraq. Worse still, almost 3 times as many people think Macaroon will continue Tony's legacy as the total of those who think David Miliband and Charles Clarke will.

It's not all bad news. The results show that Britain is considered a better place for the disabled, gays and lesbians and the ethnic minorities, although there's no indication that a majority of the disabled, gays and lesbians or the ethnic minorities agree with the rest of the population. And a quarter of all interviewees thought that history would look more favourably on The Great Leader, even if rather more people thought he will look even worse with hindsight.

Still, that's all water under the bridge. Once Tony has stepped down gracefully and handed over the reins of power to Gordon, I'm sure everything will be rosy again. And at least we still have Hackney to look cheerfully at. Whatever misfortunes may have beset New Labour at a national level, we've certainly done Hackney proud. You only have to look at the Hackney Toady to see just how well we have been running the borough. I certainly don't expect to see any unpleasant stories about our Great Leader Julian Pipeshaft, or the wonderful, progressive and honest council that he has been leading (with my help).

How do you feel about Tony Blair?Strongly likeLikeNeutralDislikeStrongly dislikeDon't know

Which of these do you associate with Tony Blair?Too concerned with spinOut of touch with BritainNot trustworthyTired, run out of ideasUnreliableEasily led


IncompetentA weak leaderHis own manA strong leaderCompetentPrincipled


ReliableA safe pair of handsIn touch with BritainVisionaryTrustworthyNone of the above/
Don't know

Has your opinion of Tony Blair changed over the past 10 years?
Yes, I like him more than I used toMy opinion hasn't changed significantlyYes, I like him less than I used toDon't know


Which of the following best describes your opinion about Tony Blair's character?He genuinely believes all of his statements and actions are morally rightHe manages to convince himself that whatever he has decided to do must be morally rightHe does not believe that all of his statements and actions are morally rightDon't know


Which of these best describes your view about the timing of his departure?He is leaving office too earlyThe timing is about rightHe has stayed in office too longDon't know


What is your view of the following quality-of-life statements:AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeDon't know

Britain is a more successful place in 2007 than it was in 19972727388

Britain is a more pleasant place in which to live in 2007 than it was in 19971023616

Britain is a more dangerous place in which to live in 2007 than it was in 1997691885

Britain is a more liberal place in which to live in 2007 than it was in 19972133388

Britain is a happier place in which to live in 2007 than it was in 1997828586

Britain is a better place for women in 2007 than it was in 199722412710

Britain is a better place for disabled people in 2007 than it was in 199735312113

Britain is a better place to live for people from ethnic minorities in 2007 than it was in 199751231610

Britain is a better place for gay and lesbian people in 2007 than it was in 19976123511

What is your view of the following statements about Tony's influences:Agree stronglyAgree slightlyNeither agree nor disagreeDisagree slightlyDisagree stronglyDon't know
Tony Blair is in touch with ordinary people5131419445
Tony Blair is too influenced by the rich262925947
How would you rate the government's performance on each of the following issues?Very goodGoodAveragePoorVery poorDon't know
The economy10283115106
The National Health Service2122527304
The environment2134223146
Tackling poverty2133226198
Reform of the public sector1730262412
Cleaning up politics/ending sleaze142026418
Climate change1103924179
Work/Life balance293723209
Overall performance of the government under Tony Blair over the past 10 years6202921213
Which of the following do you believe has been Tony Blair's biggest success as PM?Good Friday Agreement in N. Ireland
Bank of England independenceManaging a stable economyThe ban on hunting with dogsWinning the 2012 Olympics for London
G8 deal for Africa


Devolution in Scotland/WalesThe Kosovo conflictWar in IraqNone of the aboveDon't know

Which of the following do you believe has been Tony Blair's biggest failure as Prime Minister?The war in IraqBeing in office while the gap between rich and poor widenedBecoming the first PM to be interviewed by police while in officeFailing to reorganise the railwaysThe fuel tax protestsThe ban on hunting with dogs


Failure to reform the LordsFailure to reform the electoral systemFailure to encourage greater integration in the EUNone of the aboveDon't know

What has improved or deteriorated over the past 10 years?ImprovedStayed about the sameDeterioratedDon't know

Your personal finances2824435

The standard of education provided by the schools and universities in your area17234416

The standard of health care provided by the National Health Service in your area19205210

Britain's international reputation9176410

Britain's relationship with Europe12324115

Which of these statements best describes your opinion about Tony Blair's record on dealing with issues?Too softAbout rightToo hardDon't know



Has Britain's relationship with the US during the Blair years been..?Too closeAbout rightNot close enoughDon't know


Do you think Tony Blair did the right thing by supporting the war in Iraq?DefinitelyPossiblyProbably notDefinitely notDon't know

Do you think Tony Blair genuinely supported the war in Iraq, or do you believe he was simply following the American lead?He genuinely supported the warHe was following the US leadDon't know


Which of the following statements comes closest to your own view?Tony Blair should be able to accept free holidays as a perk
He should not be able to accept free holidays as it demeans his officeWhether or not Tony Blair accepts free holidays is not my concernNone of the aboveDon't know

Do you think these have been a help or a hindrance to Tony Blair in his public life?A helpNo differenceA hindranceDon't know

His religious beliefs8511526

Cherie Blair11264815

Which of the following politicians is most likely to carry on the work started by Tony Blair?Gordon BrownDavid MilibandCharles ClarkeDavid CameronNone of the aboveDon't know

How do you think history will judge Tony Blair as Prime Minister. Will his reputation improve with time or not?It will improveIt will not changeIt will declineDon't know


1 comment:

E Strebe-Griebling said...

Sir - I resent your implication that Mr Cameron would not make a suitable person to carry the torch lit for freedom and conservatism by Mr Blair. I see this as a quite natural progression. You, on the other hand, strike me as an unpleasant little oik who should stay well out of politics.