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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gordon Brown - Completely In Touch With Scousers

I'm sure that every sensible, moderate red Liverpuddlian will have been delighted to see our future Prime Minister in a posh seat at the European Cup Final, despite the fact that many Liverpool supporters were unable to get tickets and some of those with genuine tickets were unable to get onto flights or into the ground.

Gosh! I think we just scored a home runIt's a little known secret that Gordon is a life-long Liverpool supporter and has a deep and profound knowledge of the Glorious Game. He has even been known to explain the modified off-side rule during breaks in parliamentary proceedings. I'm sure he will be a regular visitor to Anfield next season, happily clapping in the kop.

Any comments suggesting that his attendance was simply a PR exercise to make Gordon look as if he has some connection with ordinary working class people is simply nonsense. Just the sort of thing put about by supporters of John McDonnell and other extreme leftists who are completely out of touch. So much so, in fact, that they still think that a New Labour Prime Minister in waiting would give a stuff about being made to look as if he has anything on earth to do with the peasantry.

1 comment:

Andrew R said...

I think you meant a touch-down, not a home run. Gordon is very much a football supporter - he's a big fan of William Webb Ellis XI.