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Friday, May 25, 2007

Sherlock Holmes Solves Sport England Lottery Grant Mystery

I wasn't overly impressed by the page 2 news exclusive by Sherlock Holmes in today's Hackney Groveller.

"Riverside Sports Complex Is Sunk", announced the master of deductive reasoning. "Hackney Council and the charity YES Trust had secured a £2.8 million Lottery grant from Sport England for the complex in Spring Hill, Upper Clapton. However, the project has been described as 'dead in the water' after Sport England withdrew its support. Trust Secretary Neil Cawthorn said he thought the Council 'lost the plot' as the scheme advanced."

That would be the same withdrawn Sport England grant that was revealed in a post on this blog some 12 days ago.

Accounts look good - let's hand the money back
I've discovered where the plot was lost, Watson

A masterpiece of landscape photography
Eat your heart out, Turner
As I reported: "nowadays we're so rich we don't need handouts. We've already given back large amounts of Sport England grant funding because our children are over-provided with sporting facilities."

Mind you, Sherlock did elaborate in considerably more detail than me. I guess that's why it took him so long to produce the article. Especially with that stunning, award-winning photograph of the development site.

1 comment:

A Hackney Loony said...

The worst bit was that they actually handed the money over and then took it back again. Still, as you say, Hackney doesn't need it. We've got plenty of sports facilities.