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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nominations Update

Meanwhile, back in Chatham Ward...


Anonymous said...

"Luke" (we know that's not your real name) I think this picture symbolises what people think of your blogg, you have spent the last year pretending to be a Hackney Councillor. Hardly anyone replies to your comments anymore. I think it is time you GET A LIFE YOU SAD LOSER!!

Luke Akehurst said...

Hello little Mr./Ms. Anonymous.

I didn't stand as a Councillor in Hackney in order to win any popularity stakes. I stood in order to make myself rich and famous and progress my political career.

Nobody stands as a Councillor in Hackney in order to become popular. You have no idea the lengths we have to go to in order to get elected and to convey the impression that people here don't actually think we are complete and utter self-serving bastards. So a bit of venom from you is like water off a fat duck's back.

I get the website hits, whereas the spoof who pretends to be me just gets circles of losers like you posting comfort messages on his pathetic little site.

The only thing about you that is plainly not fake is your Hackney origins, made abundantly clear by your inability to spell the four letter word "blog".

Anonymous said...

You are not Luke Akehurst you are some sad twat pretending to be Luke. You are the sadest of the sad!

Luke Akehurst said...

Unlike someone who browses political websites, presumably.

Anonymous said...

I may browse them an occasionally contribute, but you obvioulsy browse and pretend to be one, I dare say there are helplines in America for sad gits like you!

Luke Akehurst said...

Dear oh dear, the spelling and punctuation aren't improving, are they?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said “we know that's not your real name”. Who are “we”? Is that the royal we? Or is “Anonymous” more than one person? In which case Anonymouses surely… errr..Anonymice?…whatever. Luke these persons unknown should take their poisonous delusions elsewhere and leave you to continue exposing the harsh realities of political life.