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Monday, May 28, 2007

Simply Ginger

I've been doing my very best to help Chipmunk with the election campaign.

We make great music togetherOn Saturday night I organised a "Simply Ginger" dinner at the Dorchester, the aim of which was to give her the PR boost that results from being seen in the presence of someone famous.

Mind you, she's a bit strange. I couldn't understand why she kept calling me "Mick" all through the dinner and asking me how Blood And Fire are getting on.

Judging from the betting odds this morning, the event seemed to work OK. Chipmunk is establishing clear blue water ahead of "two-homes" Cruddas in fourth place. Things are looking good!

William HillBetfairExtrabetPaddyPowerAverage
Hilary Benn13/817/1215/86/417/11
Alan Johnson15/821/107/415/813/7
Harriet Harman8/138/56/16/17/1
Hazel Blears9/223/28/18/18/1
John Cruddas7/123/27/18/125/3
Peter Hain14/129/212/114/127/2


Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh said...

I fancy the girl on the left, but the bloke on the right is a bit ugly.

Paul Christopher said...

Don't trivialise a serious political issue. The woman on the left makes some interesting political arguments, whereas the fellow on the right just talks piffle.