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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tom Watson Ahead Of Mandie In Deputy Race

Things are looking really good for the little chipmunk. Top rate PR and solid marketing have taken her from nuts to near top of the betting tree. William Hill now show Hazel second favourite to snatch the coveted first prize:

  1. A free trip to Japan.
  2. Two Jaguars.
  3. 200 free hairdos per month.
  4. Boxing sponsorship by Frank Warren.
  5. A tax-free grace and favour flat.
  6. Free training in groping technique.
  7. Rampant sex in several stationery cupboards.
  8. A croquet mallet and set of balls.
  9. Holidays (including horse riding) on a Colorado ranch.
  10. Responsibility for heatwaves.
  11. Regular absence.
  12. Permission to call George Bush a cowboy without being assassinated by the CIA.
  13. Special planning permission for property developments subject to Ministerial decisions.
  14. The right to pick your nose in public.
  15. Lots of other responsibilities that will subsequently be taken away.
The odds as published tonight are as follows:

William Hill

2/1 H. Benn, 4/1 H. Blears, 9/2 A. Johnson, 5/1 J. Cruddas, 7/1 D. Miliband, 8/1 H. Harman, 9/1 P. Hain, 25/1 J. Straw, 33/1 A. Milburn, 50/1 Y. Cooper, 50/1 T. Jowell, 50/1 C. Clarke, 66/1 P. Hewitt, 66/1 M. Beckett, 66/1 E. Balls, 66/1 D. Blunkett, 66/1 A. Darling.


7/4 H. Benn, 3/1 A. Johnson, 5/1 H. Blears, 6/1 H. Harman, 6/1 P. Hain, 8/1 J. Cruddas, 12/1 D. Milliband, 16/1 C. Clarke, 16/1 J. Straw, 16/1 M. Beckett, 20/1 A. Darling, 20/1 E. Balls, 20/1 J. Hutton, 20/1 S. Timms, 20/1 T. Jowell, 25/1 D. Alexander, 25/1 P. Hewitt, 25/1 R. Kelly, 33/1 J. Reid, 33/1 J. Smith, 50/1 D. Blunkett, 50/1 D. Browne, 66/1 J. Brown, 66/1 T. Watson, 100/1 P. Mandelson.

Far be it for me to wish any misfortune to occur to Hilary. But with Alan's odds lengthening all the time, that's all it would take for Hazel to win. Exciting times!

1 comment:

Arnold Punter said...

Hazel has moved out to 5/1 with William Hill.