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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Waiting Behind The Line

The race for Deputy is getting exciting, with the candidates and their backers lining up ready for the starter's pistol.

Having failed disastrously in our objective to save Tony from the Party conspirators, the Gang of Four has dispersed to the winds. The line-up below shows that our former loyalist secret cabal are all backing different candidates - Thicko for Cruddas, Pudding Man for Johnson, Underpants Man for Harman and me for Chipmunk. At least none of us are aligned with the old enemy Chris Mullin in backing the loony leftie candidate and race favourite Benn!

Where's your money going? So far most of the donation wonga (as opposed to the punters' wonga) is on the South African candidate.

The working class diversity candidate
The smarmy leftie candidate
The Compass candidate
My little chipmunk
The South African candidate
The revolting candidate

1 comment:

Dick Grimble said...

I trust that the phrase "the revolting candidate" refers to Ms Harman's tendency to protest against unfair and inequitable conditions.