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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whose Door Should Be Left Open?

I was delighted when I first heard that John Reid was backing The Ginger One for Deputy Leader.

Peek-a-boo - guess who's coming to get you!After all, it was endorsement from one of the most senior Ministers in the Government and a man with a high integrity rating and popularity amongst the electorate. But after reading the revelations in The Daily Mail, I'm left wondering whether it isn't more a case of leather fetishism than a case of political alignment.

On the other hand, maybe it's not Chipmunk that Stalin's nephew is after this time. Caroline Flint is a possible contender, especially for someone whose eyesight is fading. Or maybe it's the fertile and very sexy Papal Envoy who is due for a late night phone call inviting her to leave the door ajar. On the other hand... maybe it's Andy Burnham or John Hutton who can anticipate a bunch of roses and a bottle of champagne on ice.

Oh God. I hope it's not me! Linda! Linda!

1 comment:

Ethel Barracuda said...

I'd leave my door open for him any time. I like a man who knows how to get tough. If you have contact with him, just pass on my name and let him know that I'm fit for purpose!