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Saturday, June 09, 2007

OK, I Admit It - I Lied

I had hoped to sound very democratic by pretending that I was only voting once in the Deputy Leadership election. But my spoofster has rather blown the game by admitting that even he has received four ballot forms. So I guess I'd better come clean and admit I've got fourteen ballot forms. And I intend to vote BLEARS first preference on all of them.

Linda and I sort out our ballot formsActually, I've received 1 CLP vote, 1 TULO vote from Amicus and a second from the T&G, 1 Co-operative Party vote, 1 Fabian Society vote, 1 Jewish Labour Movement vote (1'm a 1,024th part Jewish), 1 vote through the Labour Disabled Members Group (I bought a disabled parking badge in the Wick and used it with my application), 1 Labour Housing Group vote (15 quid and you're in), 1 vote through NOLS (in my capacity as a previous National Executive Member), 1 vote from The Christian Socialist Movement (I go with Karen Cross and try not to talk about being an atheist), 1 vote from the National Union of Labour & Socialist Clubs (despite my local club having closed), 1 vote from Spin Doctors for Labour (from Millbank), 1 vote each from The Socialist Educational Association and The Socialist Health Association.

It should have been seventeen votes, but unfortunately I was required to tender my resignation from the Labour Irish Society, LGBT Labour and the Black Socialist Society when my membership credentials for each of these were challenged. Still, Linda more than makes up for these with her own collection of ballot forms. And Augustus has got a few as well, but I think I'd be best advised not to say any more about them.

So - looks like it'll be a late night marking all those preference votes.


Jock Scroag said...

Ye can stuff as many votes into the count as ye like, laddie, but that wee harpie woman will nay be winning the election.

Karl-marx-stra├če said...

Looks like Blears' campaign has gone out with a bang!