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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Return To Discipline

A job that hitherto has been carried out efficiently and ruthlessly by one woman now requires two men - Geoff Hoon and Nick Brown. Their appointment the whips' office should mean a continuation of the PLP collective responsibility we have seen under Tony Blair.

Zer vil be a zofter approach unter ze neue government - Heil Gordon!This frees up ex-teacher, Blair babe and former Commons dominatrix Jacqui Smith to instill some discipline in those who really need it - the peasantry electorate.

Under her rule as Home Secretary, everyone will stand in an orderly queue to carry out the necessary biometric testing for their identity cards and anyone who refuses to co-operate will be detained without trial for an initial period of 90 days, renewable for up to 20 years.

That should sort the b******s out!

1 comment:

Fitzwilliam Ponsonby-Archer said...

It's no wonder we Tories are lining up to join the Labour Party. It's just like being back in school with Matron.