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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spoofster Joins Blog Editorial Board

In the spirit of Gordon's magnanimous offer to invite two grandees of the LibDems into the next Labour cabinet, I have decided to take up a request by my spoofster to take an active part in the editorial work for this blog.

Don't worry, Augustus, I'll get you another pet duck from Clissold parkI hope that this will finally lay to rest any suggestion that I am an obsessive, self- centred oaf with no social skills and an inability to delegate or engage in teamwork.

I have invited my spoofster to draft a piece on the decision by the Standards Board to find Councillor Darren "Two Votes" Parker not guilty of having exercised an undeclared prejudicial interest when he voted to demolish the whole of Hackney and replace it with a supercasino, two thousand betting shops and fifty thousand yuppie waterside apartment skyscrapers.

Having given my spoofster full editorial rights to the blog, I look forward to reading his maiden article later this afternoon. In the meantime I think I'll celebrate in the traditional Akehurst manner.

1 comment:

Elise Cordwainer said...

I knew you ate foie gras, but didn't know you made your own. Have you tried making it by force-feeding Augustus? After a couple of years you'd have a very handsome portion of liver that should go well, washed down with a nice chianti.