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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thick List

I had a spot of difficulty this morning searching the blogsite of my former flatmate, NOLS Executive member and co-conspirator Thomas Anthony "Thicko" Watson, looking for the expected celebration of his appointment to government office after a quarter of a century of service to the Party.

"Tony nominated you for this posting." "Tony? I don't know any Tony."Eventually, tucked away below news of Labour's defeat in the Charlemont with Grove Vale by-election and Tom's re-selection to represent West Bromwich East in a post entitled End of a Long Week, I found the following: "Earlier I’d been asked to join the whips office. I accepted."

Wow! Not exactly the fullest possible self-congratulation, coming from a man hardly renowned as Westminster's most taciturn MP.

I wonder if, perchance, Tom's reticence to wave to the adoring crowds from his castle ramparts may not be unconnected to this exposure of his apparent change of heart?

I can understand Paul's line of argument, but to call Thicko "one of the most mendacious shits in Parliament" is surely going just a weeny bit too far. Just the sort of thing you expect from LibDems such as Nich Starling, who refers to my old bunk-warmer as "toxic Tom Watson, the loathsome oafish MP and blogger". Not very nice.


Norfolk Blogger said...

His attempts to undermine blair last year were oafish and his campaigning techniques loathesome,

But thanks for the link, I like your blog, I'll check it out again.

Luke Akehurst said...

Go away, you loathesome LibDem. I don't want any readerships of all the talents here, thank you. It's bad enough having left-wing loony Labourites reading my blog, without Mingers like you. Read this to understand why yellow is not my colour.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I see now why your posting was called the Thick List. Only someone very thick would post comments linked to Lib Dem blogs then complain when people read them.

Still, I like your rather "Look at me everyone, I'm so important and always correct" attitude to your blog, even if you are completely wrong.

Luke Akehurst said...

You are definitely the one who is thick. I suggest you read this, which is written by some tree-hugging moronic cyclist like you, pretending to be me. My friends are in the government, whereas you are just a little peasant. Knock on the door and wait next time you want to speak to me.