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Sunday, July 01, 2007

How Remiss Of Me...

I must red-facedly acknowledge that it took a reminder from my spoofster to generate these heart-felt congratulations to Hackney South MP Madge Hillside, who has been made a Junior Minister at the Home Office under Gordon's first Cabinet reshuffle. This well-deserved appointment comes after only two years as one of the most visible and influential members of Parliament.

"And who's your Member of Parliament?"At one point Madge put her career at serious risk by whispering the word "No" (in response to an attempt to amend the Gambling Act 2005 to increase the number of regional super-casinos), but she salvaged her reputation by voting loyally with the Government on the 419 other occasions.

The highlight of Madge's period as our MP was when Tony Blair visited Hoxton in her constituency shortly after the May local elections. In the official photograph, depicting Tony and the Papal Envoy with Vatican parking attendants, Madge is just out of frame on the right-hand side.

I don't know what Madge will be doing at The Home Office, but then I don't think Madge or anyone at the Home Office does, either. Whatever it is, I'm sure she will do it very efficiently and very quietly. Unlike Diane Portillo up the road.

1 comment:

M Hillside said...

I didn't like to get too involved in this. I never get too involved in anything unless hubby sobers up and tells me to.