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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Abe "Scooter" Levy And Ruth "Scooter" Turner - President Brown Commutes Sentences

I couldn't believe my ears, as I lay in bed idly listening to Radio 4's "Today" programme, after enjoying the pleasures of "Farming Today". That slightly sour, gently puckered and unmistakably dour Presbyterian voice came into focus:

"My decision to commute their prison sentences leaves in place harsh punishments both for Mr. Levy and for Ms. Turner. The consequences of their serious convictions on their professional lives as a philanthropist and a political advisor, as well as on their personas as public servants and private citizens will be long-lasting."

The stern and disbelieving John Humphrys then turned his attention to his studio guest, American journalist and leading international blogger Halley Suitt, enquiring: "How do you think this will play out with the US audience?"

"I was only following orders"
Abe "Scooter" Levy
"Brown’s commutation of the Scooter sentences is appropriate in one way only to my mind", she replied, "they were always just "errand boys and girls" for a Blair-Brown fundraising initiative.

Is Brown tipping his hand to that fact? Did Gordon actually feel guilty about this? If this shameful act can wake up a few more Brits, make them see this is no longer a democracy, but an out-of-control Party oligarchy, then this is a good day.
I can't possibly use the phrase "I was only following orders"
Ruth "Scooter" Turner

As we Americans would put it: How many times can John Adams roll over in his grave? This is getting ridiculous. What you have is no longer "a government of laws" as our great second President declared, but a government of men — arrogant, mendacious, lawless men."

The discussion was interrupted by a shriller voice: "Luke! Wake up. Come on, you'll be late for work." I must have dozed off just after the bit about tractor repairs in Faversham. What a shame! I was just beginning to enjoy myself.


Anonymous said...

I guess this means we should call Darren "one man, two votes" Parker something along the lines of:
Darren "one man, two votes, scooter" Parker.

Although I'm not sure about the reference to "man".

Aminda Shah (aged 6) said...

Wasn't a Parker what mods used to wear a long time ago when they rode a scooter?