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Monday, July 02, 2007

A Loudmouthed Geordie

You can't advertise tobacco here, sir, this is a controlled parking zoneThere was a very interesting piece on Radio 5 this morning about the public smoking ban that came into effect yesterday.

Nicky Campbell interviewed a female Smoking Enforcement Officer from Newcastle, who proudly told the nation that the new law was being observed by virtually everyone in her local pubs and clubs.

I didn't record the interview, so what follows is my best reconstruction of the conversation.

Campbell:So if you see anyone smoking, will you arrest them?
Geordie:No. It's not like that. We just want to ensure compliance with the law, not to take punitive action against smokers.
Campbell.Oh, go on. It's just like being a parking warden. Wouldn't you like to catch a few people at it?
Geordie:Oh no. Our role is just to uphold the new law. We're not in the revenue generation business.

Following this broadcast, I just want to make it absolutely clear that the purpose of parking control measures in Hackney is to ensure the free flow of traffic and the convenience of local residents. It has nothing to do with revenue generation, regardless of what loud-mouthed Geordies or the entire population of Hackney may suggest.

1 comment:

E Strebe-Griebling said...

I've had a good idea. Why don't we count the size of car engines as registered on our CPZ applications, discover that there are far more over 1.8l than below 1.8l and introduce a new revenue generation scheme pretending to have green credentials?