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Friday, July 20, 2007

And Two Great Labour Holds

It's been a fantastic evening for Labour.

We throw serious political argumentsOur candidate in Sedgefield, Phil Wilson, won by a massive 6,956 votes - down just a tiny bit from the 18,449 majority at the last general election in 2005.

The only bad news was that the LibDems overtook the Conservatives for second place, as I hate the LibDems even more than I hate the Tories.

As you can see, our campaign was a positive one, based on Labour's achievements and not a scurrilous negative campaign of smearing our opponents. Clearly this was much appreciated by the electorate.

The LibDems just throw fruit and veg
Meanwhile, the LibDems in Southall spent the weekend raising funds with a "Bush & Blair" rotten fruit shy stall, using missiles supplied by the fruit and veg market at Western International Market.

But it didn't do them much good, because our 60-year-old septuagenarian candidate easily won the seat with a massive majority over the LibDems of 5,070, hardly down at all from the 11,440 majority in 2005.

The LibDems were left with a measly 10,118 votes for their efforts.

I'm off home now to crack open the Bolly!

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