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Friday, July 20, 2007

It Was McDonald's Wot Won It

Virendra Sharma's sponsored battle bus in action, polling day, Southall.

"Roll up, roll up... get your septuagenerianburgers here"We were extremely careful, of course, not to break election law by offering hamburgers in any way that might have been deemed to be an inducement to vote Labour.

Having taken carefully considered advice on the legality of invading Southall from Attorney General Patricia Scotland, we erected a sign at the back of the bus declaring:

"Relatively worse-off people of Southall - visit our bus and feast yourselves on this glorious day. Then, once you have satiated your hunger, you will be better placed to make a rational and independent decision with regard to the candidate for whom you cast your vote."

And it worked. Watch this space for future news of Lord Ronald McDonald (no relation).


Aminda Shah (aged 6) said...

Am I too late for a salad burger with mustard relish?

thegooddoctor said...

Hindus don't eat beefburgers mind

Luke Akehurst said...

The hamburgers were for the Sikh population, of course.

The Hindu carnivores ate the sweet chilli chicken deli rolls and the vegetarians ate the garden side salad and fruit bag.

Personally I stopped off at Mehfil for the Kashmiri Roganjosh, Peshawari Naan and some Ras Malai. I sneaked in some truffle oil to perk the dishes up a bit. And I also sneaked in a bottle of Mouton-Rothschild but for God's sake don't tell them or they may send me a bill for corkage.