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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Ghost Of Bernard Poetically Rises From The Grave

In response to this morning's post, a reader has written to me privately with the following limericks which she felt were relevant and which she asked me to share with you all. I have no idea what any of them means, and even if I did I'm sure it would relate to matters that occurred long before I joined Hackney Council and which I therefore have no personal involvement with. But I do like to humour my readers, so here are the poems:

Ghanaian Funds Transfer

A Housing Director called Crofton,
Blew his whistle just one time too often;
Surprising neatly
They f****d him completely,
Now it's Paris, not Hackney, he's soft on.

Gulliver's Travels In Lilliput

A Solicitor, strangely named "Meic",
Decided corruption he'd spike;
They got awfully cross
And sacked him and his boss,
Because that's how things work in the Reich.

Repairing Cracks In The Fabric

A man with a whistle in Mears,
Gave Julian Pipeshaft some fears;
Jules said "I must look right good
Or I won't get my knighthood,
So it's time for some J. Carswell smears".

Loyalty in Hackney

Some people may call him a rotter,
But I'll go to my grave for Mark Trotter;
Because what sort of Party
Would get purist and farty
And not defend any member, even if they were a paedophile, a vote rigger, a housing benefits defrauder, a housing contracts manipulator, a corrupt planner, an extortionist, a thug, a liar, a cheat... (sorry, I don't seem to be able to get this line to rhyme).


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't mean all those snipes about councillors Peter Patrick and Sharon Watson being pissed as farts on the panel that sacked Crofton will be repeated. It is said they staggered through St John at Hackney Churchyard to the Town Hall with their pockets clinking with the Becks beer bottles they'd nicked from the community organisation event they had just attended. They even bragged they were off to sit in judgement of Mr Crofton, it is alleged.

Wild stories such as this about how a man's career was traduced is a calumny ... or is it a calumny that a man's career was traduced merely to avoid Gazette headlines about corruption.

Nope they are the same thing, business as usual.

Myrtle Twingie said...

Ghananian Funds Transfer - lol! Could be sued for discrimination, though.