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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bright Lights Over Stokie and Mancunia

So the editorial "Opinion" column in this week's Hackney Groveller reports "unexplained mysteries" lighting up the skies of Stamford Hill last September. "Are we being visited by aliens?" asks Editor Ferris Bueller.

Linda, Augustus and I on the road to ManchesterIn a week when ace reporter Sherlock Holmes was hard at work as the last person in Hackney to discover that Sam Hallam is innocent, there was clearly a shortage of active grey material in the Archant offices. The clue, Dr. Watson, is in the sentence: "The Stamford Hill sighting happened at the same time that another fast-moving fireball was seen in Manchester." And that fact that the incident occurred last September. Karen Cross would have solved the cipher already and moved on to discuss George Hargreaves and Suzi Quatro. I refer you to the fact that a bright ball of light was seen in the skies of Judea a couple of millennia ago, shortly before the arrival of a certain person. So why would anyone be surprised to detect a similar illumination over the skies of Stokie and the G-MEX Centre last September, heralding my arrival at Labour Conference. Memories are made of this.

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Ingrid Polansky said...

I think you've been smoking too much frankincense and myrrh.