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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Losers Bitch At Hazel's Triumph

Oh how the losers out there love to bitch! As if the decision to retain a midwifery unit at Hope Hospital was anything other than a rational outcome of a balanced and scientific review of Lancashire patient needs. But, oh no. According to The Sun this morning, "sneaky" Health Secretary Alan Johnson has saved the local hospital services of two Labour Ministers in order to reward loyal Party bigwigs.

Nurses and midwives: disperse immediately before we send in the riot policeThe Murdoch rag goes on to quote Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley claiming ludicrously that maternity services in the Salford and Bury constituencies of Chipmunk and Ivan Lewis have been saved, while units in Rochdale and Trafford are to be completely closed, because the Ministers "have Gordon Brown on their speed dial".

Once again the Tory press spreads the lie that Hazel Blears joined demonstrating nurses and midwives on the picket line at Hope Hospital as part of the fight against service closures.

But as I exclusively revealed at the time, Hazel's photo opportunity outside Hope Hospital was merely a celebrity appearance to show her general support for local mothers and nothing so sordid as "a protest".

The truth about Hazel's constituency can be found in The Manchester Evening News, which yesterday reported that, according to Chipmunk, "babies would still be born in the city". So there! It was all lies. We haven't banned pregnancy and childbirth in Salford. Mind you...

1 comment:

Arnold Loser said...

I think she's a hypocrite and a two-faced liar.