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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The "Lovely" Nargis Khan Fails To Spin The Line

As soon as your back is turned, the trouble starts. According to The Guardian, in a story that I unfortunately missed while still on holiday in Barbados, The Commission on Making Muslims Just Like Us (aka. The Commission on Integration and Cohesion) has published a report arguing that single-group funding "awarded on the basis of a particular identity, such as ethnic, religious or cultural" should be the exception rather than the rule for funding bodies. In a separate editorial piece in The Opinion column, Saba Salman argued that the Commission's finding that single-group funding is divisive and that statutory and other grant-making bodies should presume against awarding money on the basis of an organisation's particular identity was "an astonishing piece of flawed logic".

Not Nargis Khan
Cartoon courtesy of Rich & Mark on Guido Fawkes
I can only hope that Hackney's representative on the Commission, the "lovely" Nargis Khan, did her best to oppose this stupid decision of The Commission. Because, of course, we'd look pretty damned hypocritical if we told religious groups that public and private funding bodies couldn't finance them at a time when the entire future of the Labour Party is hanging on a financing thread dangled by the generous, supportive and totally honest Mohammad Sarwar MP.

Mind you, if you read this article in The Times, you might think there was something fishy about the efforts of the great man, falsely accused of involvement in a vote-rigging scandal a decade ago and temporarily suspended from the PLP as a consequence.

Thanks to Mohammed Sarwar, Imran Khand and other Muslim millionaire sponsors of Muslim Friends of Labour, £100k a month has been siphoned into the Party coffers via Scottish Labour and we will soon be back on our feet and ready to call a General Election while the Tories are still in disarray. Single-group funding? I'm all in favour of it!


Edna Gribbins said...

I'm sure that nice, honest Mr. Brown will be sending back any money that can't be traced or breaks the funding rules. After all, that's what he said he'd do before he became Prime Minister and needed the cash to fight a General Election.

Rich said...


put nargis khan in the stocks said...

As someone who believes in firm punishments for those who fail to meet the mark I am sure you will join me in calling for a set of stocks to be erected in front Clissold Leisure centre or some such public place. CLLR Nargis Khan to be placed in side the stocks and the good folk of Clissold would be able to pelt her with wet sponges for a small fee (all proceeds going to Children in Need). I am sure you will agree this will punish her for her poor performing department and act as deterent to others who fail to cut the mustard.

Luke Akehurst said...

Be very careful with your comments here. As an aspirant to become Britain's first Muslim woman MP, any suggestion that she might be stoned in public - albeit with wet sponges - could raise some major sensitivities.