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Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Night's Confusion

Last night's local authority by-elections results, which will be analysed by Gordon as he decides whether to call an election or not, were... Well, to tell the truth I'm not quite sure.

Gordon looks happyMy take is that these look OK but not as good as in the previous two weeks but better than a few weeks before that and maybe sustainable for the next fews weeks but on the other hand maybe not solid enough for us to risk it. What a good job I'm not the Prime Minister.

The BBC refers to mixed messages in the results. The Guardian urges caution. And the Telegraph reports that advisers have been briefed to expect a snap election and the Tories have already hired Battersea Power Station for the election press briefing.

I'm going to keep schtum on this one. I've made quite enough of a dick of myself in recent months with my predictions. Alternatively, I could fill an entire page with detailed analysis in order to obfuscate the political situation and disguise the fact that I can't see the big picture. No. I won't do that. It would be far too obvious and just make me look a total p**t.

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