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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gargantuan Landslides For Those Still In The Party

This week has seen a light sabre slamdunk for the Force against the Dark Side in the CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee), NCC (National Constitutional Committee) and NPF (National Policy Forum) elections.

Do they mean moi?These are the boring organisations put in place to ensure that we keep a tighter grip on things than the Burmese military.

Needless to say, those who have remained in the Party in some forlorn hope of ever transforming Labour back into a socialist organisation dedicated to helping the poor and narrowing wealth inequality, got the f*****g big thumping they deserve. Courtesy of those collecting their expenses to pay the mortgage on new houses in Stokie, and their lapdogs. It's a shame that some of us failed to get elected.

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Anonymous said...

Which of the three "Luke Akehursts" on Facebook is you? Presumably the one with "0 friends" is the spoofer, as is the group "Luke Akehurst for NPF" with "7 less members"?