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Friday, September 07, 2007

Security Guards On Galloway

None other than George Galloway himself has written an eight-page critique of Respect. It seems that all is not as comradely as it could be. The document has been carefully leaked by anti-Galloway sources in Respect and republished by the rump of Socialist Resistance, by the Revolutionary Wombats Association and, most dangerously of all, by the revolutionary cadre of the East London Advertiser.

An octogenarian heckler is removed from ConferenceObviously I don't trust any of these ultra-left organisations, so I'm publishing a link to the letter from the only party for which I have real respect, The Communist Party of Great Britain (not to be confused with The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) who haven't written a word about George Galloway for almost a year).

The astonishing thing is that a politician of Galloway's experience should think he can get away with internal dissent. Just imagine writing a letter like this in the Labour Party, seeking to attack party policy on Iraq. We'd soon have him out and that's for sure. And we wouldn't wait until he'd sent out thousands of copies of an eight-page epistle. One burly steward on each side and out of the room, just like the woman heckler at the Coventry hustings. And, of course, the famous incident in which we expelled George Galloway from Labour Conference.


Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh said...

We need to show trouble-makers the door. I'd start with that Livingstone chap if I were you. "Red Ken" we used to call him. We should throw him out of the Party and have that nice Boris Johnson stand for Mayor instead.

Chris Paul said...

Apparently BoJo turned Gordon down so we're having to make do with a Ken re-tread instead of a revolutionary thinker on such matters as darkies, and yet more darkies too.

Luke Akehurst said...

I shall take that comment as in the spirit of this blog, rather than something that might have been said in Hell's Kitchen or in the Big Brother House.