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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Time For A Design Makeover

Those of you familiar with Iain Dale's Diary will have admired his new banner. More conservative, dignified and refined than the previous effort which focused excessively (and in a vulgar manner) on Essex, West Ham and iPods, this one focuses on Iain's newly acquired elite status and his exclusive Westminster circles. Iain chose to publish the close-up version of his new design, whereas I personally prefer the long shot, which puts his efforts into better perspective.
Moving in powerful circles
I must admit to being envious. So I'm throwing open a competition to redesign my "tree-hugger" banner. First prize for a suitable piece of graphic art will be a night out on the town with Iain Dale. Second prize, two nights...

1 comment:

Edna Gribbins said...

Iain Dale may be sailing in circles, but you and your lot in New Labour are steaming away over the horizon. I hope the earth is flat.