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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smeared By Association

A grell: a troll-like character from the Webwood Spider Beast video game
Nicky Gavron's assistant, named Grell,
Made her LibDem opponent's life hell;
Raising paedophile spectres
By telling electors
That Thai schoolboys were ringing his bell.

Ms. Grell would like it to be known that she utterly denies all the charges and vehemently protests her complete innocence of all charges. Ms. Grell requests that journalists respect her privacy at this difficult time. She is a very reclusive and private individual who is shy of publicity and rarely makes public statements or appearances.
Miranda Grell with Tessa JowellMiranda Grell with Anita RoddickMiranda Grell with Mancunian students (look out for Tom Miller and Adele Reynolds)
Miranda Grell with Jon CruddasMiranda Grell with Dominic BascombeMiranda Grell with Doreen Lawrence
Miranda Grell with Jim Fitzpatrick and Phil WoolasMiranda Grell with David LammyMiranda Grell with David Miliband
Miranda Grell with Brendan BarberMiranda Grell with Cherie BlairMiranda Grell with Dianne Abbott and Dawn Butler
Miranda Grell with Neil Gerrard and Harry CohenMiranda Grell with Jennette ArnoldMiranda Grell with Jim Fitzpatrick
Miranda Grell with Neal LawsonMiranda Grell with Diane AbbottMiranda Grell with Jessie Jackson
Miranda Grell with Nicky GavronMiranda Grell with Shahid MalikMiranda Grell with the Mayor of Waltham Forest
Miranda Grell with Murad Qureshi and Jennette ArnoldMiranda Grell with Lord AhmedMiranda Grell with Jon Cruddas (again?)


Lord Lucan said...

Where did I go wrong. I've never been photographed with Miranda.

Anonymous said...

does miranda, like, find celebrity a bit of a trial, then? or am i missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Jeannette Arnold looks well impressed. "your not a celebrity, get me out of here"

Anonymous said...

Who is, like, Jeannette Arnold?

Luke Akehurst said...

Nobody is like Jeannette Arnold. She's quite unique.