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Friday, September 21, 2007

Unkind Words From Sick Minded Individuals

Friends and readers frequently egg me on to publish information about the personal lives of my fellow Councillors and MPs.

Cor, Boris, wot bigunsEspecially the slimy, sleazy bits of their private lives. Their "moments of madness". Very occasionally I have been known to give in to this pressure, as with "Underpants Man" Chris Bryant and "Blackface" Bob Piper. But even in these extreme cases, there is always a strong political theme to my satirical comments, usually based on hypocrisy. Chris Bryant once represented the decent, upstanding Hackney family voter as a Councillor and former Church of England clergyman... before advertising himself in his underwear on a gay contact website. And Bob Piper spoke on behalf of the sanctimonious, politically correct left-wing of the Party before making an idiot of himself by posting a bizarre image of David Cameron as a "Black & White Minstrel" on his website.

What I don't do, of course, is publish attacks on politicians simply because of their alleged private misdoings when these have no political relevance. Especially members of other political parties, whom I am unable subsequently to engage in personal debate as a fellow member. And even if I did publish such a thing, I'd have the guts to speak my thoughts out loud and not disguise them in oblique reference and innuendo. I'm a political animal. I leave the sleaze and muck-raking to the tabloid press, where it belongs. You won't find anything about Andrew Pelling or any other unfortunate Conservative MP on this blog. Mind you, I can't speak for sick-minded, perverted cyber-stalkers who post such material, pretending to be Party members. May they drown in their own excrement.

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Jock Scroag said...

God, I fancy her. She must be a Polish Women's Party candidate. Pity they don't open a sister organisation over here and get Helen Mirren to join.