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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, Bad News, Good News

Cameron mocks 'phoney' Brown over delayed election. Gordon Brown suffered a Commons mauling at the hands of David Cameron after the Tory leader ridiculed the Prime Minister for "bottling" out of a general election. Mr Brown also faced allegations that the Government had stolen Tory policies on tax as he endured his most uncomfortable session of Question Time since becoming Prime Minister in June. Tory MPs said the two leaders had changed places since their last weekly battle in July, when Mr Brown was riding high and Mr Cameron struggling to impose his authority.

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this left-wing paper.

'Phoney' Brown's £1.5bn Pre-Budget tax rise. Gordon Brown was called a "phoney" during a rowdy Prime Minister's Questions today, after an independent study claimed that his Chancellor's Pre-Budget Report amounted to a £1.5 billion tax increase. The Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) said that Alastair Darling's inheritance tax cut was more than balanced out by the series of tax rises he announced yesterday. The IFS said that not only had the Government adopted Tory policies, by cutting inheritance tax and levying charges on foreign workers in the UK, it had also effectively subscribed to the Tory philosophy of "sharing the proceeds of growth".

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this right-wing paper.

Brown faces first cabinet criticism as Johnson attacks election dithering. Alan Johnson blames Gordon. The first public cabinet criticism of Gordon Brown's handling of the decision to rule out an election emerged last night as the health secretary, Alan Johnson, blamed the prime minister for the government's rocky start to the new parliamentary term. "I'm not saying we are blameless ... if he [Mr Brown] had thought it through and decided a weekend earlier, we wouldn't be having all of this," Mr Johnson told the BBC after David Cameron routed Mr Brown at prime minister's question time. The prime minister had "not had the best of weeks", Mr Johnson said.

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this LibDem paper.

Great grizzly Gordon Brown is cut down by Tory bear-baiting. It was a disastrous Prime Minister’s Questions for Gordon Brown. He must have known what was coming and yet he reacted to Tory taunts with the incoherent fury of a wounded grizzly bear: rearing back, teeth bared, claws extended, eyes ablaze. As I watched the Beast of Downing Street crash and burn, I felt that only one thing could save him and that was a tranquilliser dart gun.

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this Murdoch paper.

Brown suffers Commons mauling. Gordon Brown endured a Commons humiliation on Wednesday as David Cameron, the Conservative leader, pinned him against the ropes over his retreat from a general election and his government’s "copy cat" mini-budget. Only two weeks after the prime minister presided over a triumphant Labour party conference and a 10-point opinion poll lead, Mr Brown was portrayed by Mr Cameron as a coward, lacking vision or moral authority. Rarely has the political mood shifted so dramatically so quickly and Mr Brown now faces a hard slog to rebuild his authority after the self-inflicted wounds of recent days.

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this upper-class paper.

On the ropes. It would be absurd to write Gordon Brown’s Premiership off after barely three months. But even his own MPs were stunned by his leaden-footed Commons performance yesterday. They sat in stern-faced rows, looking straight ahead as Mr Brown suffered a hellish half hour of torment. The Opposition parties — Tory and Lib-Dem — were having a rare moment of fun at Labour’s expense. But it was the reaction of Labour MPs that told the real story. In his darkest hours, Tony Blair could always rely on a wall of sound to crush the Tories. But when Mr Brown needed them most — apart from a few screaming Brownites — they stayed silent. And the Blairites could not conceal their glee. As the kicking finally came to an end, an ex-Cabinet minister strolled up to a Tory MP and gloated: "What a terrible tragedy."

What a load of rubbish. A typical piece of muckraking from this gutter paper.

New help for depression. Almost a million extra people will get treatment for anxiety and depression under plans unveiled by the Government yesterday. Health Secretary Alan Johnson pledged £170 million to fund sessions with psychologists, which have proved to be more effective than drugs. He said: "This shows the Government's commitment to mental health."

Thank God this paper has avoided the nonsense and focused on a real story. Increased spending on health services must be a good thing. Mind you, I'm a bit puzzled. I simply can't work out why we would want to spend an extra £170m treating the population for anxiety and depression.

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