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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Julian Denies Rumours That Hackney To Sue Tate Modern

The shibboleth is cracking upLet me make it clear that there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in this puerile and scurrilous post on the Clissold swimmers' pathetic little website.

I have spoken to Julian and he assures me that he never said: "Shibboleth is obviously inspired by Clissold Leisure Centre and is going to be visited by millions of people, Clissold hasn't been visited by anyone for four years... our cracks in Clissold were much better than the Tate's crack and ours were real" and nor have any plans been drawn up to sue Tate Modern for plagiarism and theft of copyright.

Neither did Councillor Nargis Khan say: "They are stealing what we are good at and with the money we get from them we will be able to fund... photo opportunities... even more photo opportunities... and... photo opportunities..."

And Guy Nicholson knows perfectly well where Hackney is. It's just that his legs don't always travel in the same direction as his brain.


Enoch said...

If only you could come up with something that funny

Darren Parker said...

"Guy Nicholson knows perfectly well where Hackney is. It's just that his legs don't always travel in the same direction as his brain."

Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Titanic Projects, does not have a brain; so your entire blog must be completely untrue!