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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drinking In Bexleyheath

I've just got back from a lunchtime's drinking with my friend Howard Dawber, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Bexleyheath & Crayford in SE London. Howard is one of a number of very dynamic Labour candidates fighting to regain seats lost to the opposition in 2005 - in the case of Bexleyheath with a 7.2% swing from Labour to Conservatives. So despite the campaign he is running, with some creative literature, one or two underaged activists and as much old-fashioned door-knocking as you can take in an area like that, there's virtually no chance of regaining the seat.

Canvassing in BexleyheathSo instead we went round to the house of local Tory M.P. David Evennett on Lyndhurst Road, rang his door-bell and ran away. Oh, what a laugh! Much more fun than staying in Hackney and going on yet another boring visit to Abney cemetery.

The more courageous members of our group managed to meet some local residents who told us that they were very pleased with the Tory pledge to raise the threshold for inheritance tax and asked why Labour had become a policy copy-cat under Gordon's leadership. People also raised concerns about crime and about the council's maintenance of the roads and pavements. We told them that was their fault for electing an overwhelmingly Tory council but they didn't seem too impressed with our argument.

We soon gave up canvassing and retired to The Bricklayers Arms on Mayplace Road West where we had a few enjoyable pints and listened to some jolly good music. I can't wait to pay another visit!


Squiffy Trubshawe said...

Nice piccie there Akehurst, you mixing with the prols. Though you are showing your camp credentials a bit! I remember how you used to adopt that girly pose when you were fagging for me and Smythe-Featherstonehaugh at school. And it worked a treat, of course, didn't it!

By the by, have you seen the masthead of Dawber's blog? Are you sure he's not some closet NF or BNP oink?

Penny said...

I'm sue I saw Luke on a BBC2 programme last night Beautiful Young Minds. Not that Luke is beautiful and has a mind

Luke Akehurst said...

Me on a maffs programme? You must be joking. Firstly, I don't have time. And thirdly, I can't add up.