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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Linda And I Are Not Unmarried For Tax Avoidance Reasons

To say I am wound up by Andy Burnham's suggestion that "the tax system should recognise commitment and marriage" would not be completely true. After all, the subject of tax and relationships is not one that I spend much time thinking about, let alone blogging about. But it's a good theme to write about. I expect I'll receive loads of supportive comments to add to those I've been sent in response to recent posts. Unlike my on-line stalker whose blog scribblings have become so eccentric and outlandish lately that he has been showered in hostile responses.

So, my views are thus: As someone who isn't married, but is in a stable relationship that has lasted considerably longer than most of my friends' marriages, I wish that politicians of all parties would butt out of trying to tell people what model of family or relationship is best for them and, in particular, trying to socially engineer people into marriage through tax bribes. What is it supposed to mean? That married people are "better" or "more worthy" and must therefore be rewarded?

Linda was outraged by these proposals and expressed her views vociferously, although her threat to resign from the Labour Party, cross the floor and become a LibDem Councillor was going a bit far. Maybe one day we might get married, although certainly not if she goes ahead with her threat. If we do get married, it won't be because the Treasury tries to bribe us to do it. The state - and politicians - should stay well away from telling people how to conduct their personal lives. Just as Margaret Thatcher used to argue so succinctly.

P.S. Before anyone starts having a go, I think marriage is a great institution, I respect people who want to get married, I enjoy weddings immensely - I just want other people and the state to recognise that one size doesn't fit all and you don't have to be married to have a happy family life.

So, that should do. I was going to write another paragraph, but it's not necessary. I'm sure that most people will agree with me and be most supportive. Only my spoofster would need to defend himself while making a sound case like this.


Derek Melbourne said...

Judging from the piccie of you out boozing in Bexleyheath, if you and Linda don't tie the knot soon, you'll have difficulty finding a suit to fit old sport.

lord london fields lido said...

But Luke, can you spell Charedi? I hear it's a vital piece of knowledge here in Hackney.

The grapevine says Hackney Labour believe that there is only one way of transliterating Hebrew and failure to do so in the correct manner means you are lacking "manners".

My understanding of middle eastern languages says an h or ch or kh would be equally fair transcriptions under different mappings.

The whole thing smacks of the new Labour culture police to me... but what would I know?

Hymie Wienhouse-Goldberg said...

Oy Vey!