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Friday, October 12, 2007

LibDems And Votes

A great big "Thankyou!" to my spoofster for pointing out (when he eventually got round to reading it this morning) that things are looking even better in the Ipsos MORI poll than I first thought last night.

Celebrating the resultsNo wonder Simon Hughes looked so relaxed on Question Time as he explained that LibDem voteshares are consistently depressed before elections but subsequently recover at the polling booth. And that's exactly what happened yesterday in the Horsham by-election following the resignation of Conservative Councillor Edworthy, as my binate blogger kindly pointed out.

Although the Tories have stolen a national poll lead at the expense of the LibDems, by-election results such as yesterday's in West Sussex show the usual LibDem success. This suggests that the Tory lead will be reversed when a General Election is finally called. And we will be swept back into Downing Street with another massive majority.

Especially if we can track down the 26 disgruntled Labour voters who spent last night in The Holbrook Club and drag them down to the polls.

Horsham Holbrook West Ward:

Oct 11 by-electionchangeMay 3 elections (average)
LibDem602 (44%)+11%705 (33%)
Con554 (40%)-6%989 (46%)
BNP163 (12%)+12%-- ( 0%)
Labour52 (4%)+0%78 (4%)
Independent-- ( 0%)-17%361 ( 17%)


Moishe Rosenberg said...

I don't think I shall be moving to Horsham.

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