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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lover Of The Bourgeoisie

I am delighted to announce that Dianne Hayter is the new NEC Chair. My spoofster seems to believe that the post has been awarded to someone called Diane Hayter. Either that or the "N" key is sticking on his keyboard again.

I don't think enough has been done to celebrate that we have an NEC Chair this year who has such a proud history of attacking the left in the Labour Party and promoting right-wing ideals in the party and trades union movement.

Hayter of the bourgeoisie
Dianne Hayter
Dr. Hayter is a typical New Labour Party activist - someone whose background fits her ideally for the task of representing ordinary working families in this country.

She is a consumer activist, representing consumers on the National Consumer Council, the Financial Reporting Council’s Board for Actuarial Standards, the Insolvency Practices Council, the Surveyors Ombudsman Service Board, the Determinations Panel of the Pension Regulator and as Chair of the Consumer Panel of the Bar Standards Board. She is Vice Chair of the Webb Memorial Trust.

Dianne was one of founding members of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations and was formerly Vice Chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, Chief Executive of the Pelican Cancer Centre, Chief Executive of the European Parliamentary Labour Party, Director of the Alcohol Concern and General Secretary of the Fabian Society and Board member of the National Patient Safety Agency as well as Director of Corporate Affairs at the Wellcome Trust and a journalist on Channel Four's "A Week in Politics".

She was also a JP for many years, on the Board of the National Patient Safety Agency, a member of the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure and personal Executive to Tony Blair during his Prime Ministership, a journalist and trade union research officer. She has a PhD in History from the University in London and has written a book on the Labour Party in the early 1980s entitled: "Fightback! Labour's Traditional Right in the 1970s and 1980s". She was a member of the Labour Party disciplinary committee which investigated Militant Tendency. And she's from Dobbo the Mule and Glenda Slagg's Holborn & St Pancras CLP - which has to be an interesting fact, if not a good one.

She has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with revolutionary socialist Teresa Hayter, daughter of Sir William Hayter and authoress of "Hayter of the Bourgeoisie", the political manifesto of which the lovely Nancy Mitford declared: "It makes my blood run cold". No hater of the bourgeoisie, our Dianne. A true lover of the bourgeoisie. Just the person to chair the Labour NEC.
Lover of the bourgeoisie
Teresa Hayter


Jatinder K Bloemfontein said...

Come on. Look at those profiles and tell me these two are unrelated!

Theo Blackwell said...

Dianne's a wonderful woman and was of great assistance to me when I was working for Ross Cranston (now Sir Ross!). She's one of the unsung heroines of the Labour movement. Dianne should have introduced Gordon at conference.

Anonymous said...

Dianne Hayter is a typical member of the Political Class who have emasculated the Labour Party, created the alien being of New Labour and are now overseeing its electoral destruction and disgrace.
Like all previous Chairs of the NEC she will end up in the Lords!

W. Vann Hall said...

What's quite confusing is that when I worked for Dianne nearly 30 years ago as an intern with the Fabians, she looked very much like a brunette version of Theresa...

W. Vann Hall said...

...probably because the captions are switched, judging from the image names...