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Friday, October 05, 2007

Let's Go!

A shame John Prescott's not still aroundAccording to the polls to be published later today, the Tories have slashed our lead. It looks like quite a large number of the vegetables out there have believed Macaroon's undeliverable promises of a tax break for people buying their first home and a massive cut in inheritance tax. If only we'd come out with these policies a week ago and thereby totally undermined the Conservatives. After all, we managed to partly undermine them by stealing many of their other policies.

The ICM poll for the Guardian shows Labour's lead slashed from seven points last month to zero now, with both Labour and the Tories on 38%. The Populus poll for the Times shows Labour's lead tightening to three points, with Labour on 39% and the Tories on 36%. And the YouGov poll for Channel 4 shows Labour's lead slipping from 11 points to four points, with Labour on 40% and the Tories on 36%.

I say - ignore The Guardian. You can never trust a word they print (except my letters, of course). The other polls put us ahead by plenty enough - especially if we all send our children out in the dark and rain to canvass. I can't wait for it. Let's go!


Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh said...

Hang on a bit old bean. There may be some bad by-election news coming soon from Argyll & Bute and Hambledon, North Yorks.

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