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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Walthamstow Blogger

Stella in glorious reflected colourStella, in diverse ethnic tonesAll eight ward parties in Walthamstow CLP nominated in their parliamentary selection this weekend. The selection is an All Women Shortlist, so each ward could nominate one BME candidate plus one other candidate of any ethnicity.

Of the "open" nominations, Stella Creasy was nominated by 5 wards and automatically shortlisted as these represent about 70% of the membership.

Stella used to be a black and white character. Until, that is, she met you-know-who and blossomed into bright, glorious colour. Like myself, Stella is a dedicated blogger who takes great pleasure from communicating her political thoughts and wouldn't consider stopping blogging just because she stood down as a local Councillor. She's my kinda candidate.


Mark Trotter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lord london fields lido said...

but Lukey, my dear, I thought you were going for Walthamstow... that's what the Gazette said six months ago...

All women shortlist? Maybe there's something you didn't tell us?

lord london fields lido said...

and by the way, mark, you may have the wrong blog... i'm sure your comment would make a welcome addition to this page

Mark Trotter said...

Already posted on that Ginger Ninja blogshite as well, Fieldsy old boy!

Luke Akehurst said...

Mark Trotter - Gordon Brown will be announcing proposals today to make coiffureism unlawful. That'll put a stop to you and your anti-ginger polemics.

Up you bum Hackney Homes said...

Corr! that Stella Creasy is a looker. She's got my vote. Sadly your too ugly and ginger to be selected Lukey. But didn't a wise old owl say Politics is show business for ugly people

Luke Akehurst said...

"Sadly you're too ugly and ginger" is what you meant I think, my little illiteratum.

wan kin (socialist) said...

. . . and shouldn't that read "Up your bum, Hackney Homes"?

ilikeakehurstfanclub said...

My dearest Luke,

I suspect your little illiteratum "Mark Trotter" is a fraudster. His widespread use (or abuse) of the apostrophe suggests he is a native of 'ackney, e.g. "hes a Ginga!" and "Ginger's are untrustyworthy (sic)" and "why dont you comb your ugly red hair". He probably works for Hackney Council's Design & Comm's (sic) Department.

Yours affectionately,


ilikeakehurstfanclub said...

I'm glad to see you have deleted those awful comments by the illiterate faux Mark Trotter. The real Mark Trotter was, of course, quite a literate chappie and I believe Cllr. Sharon Patrick taught him everything he knew.

Sharon Patrick said...

I certainly did teach Markie everthing he knows, there is no denying that. by the way where's the pies?

Luke Akehurst said...

The pies?

wan kin (socialist) said...

PIE was an organisation to which many Hackney Labour Party and Hackney Tory Party members subscribed, back in the 1970s and 1980s. I thought everyone knew that!

Luke Akehurst said...

But I was only born in 1972.