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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Write-Up By Me Does Not Imply Wisdom

There are times when defending Government policies is beyond me, despite my genius at spin. Not often, mind you, but now and again. Today was, unfortunately, one of those examples. "Truth About The Savage House Of Saud" was the headline in the Daily Mirror, with Kevin Toolis writing: "...those flags should be hanging at half-mast in shame to see the Queen so closely associated with the leader of this blood-stained regime. Abdullah may be king of Saudi Arabia but to many observers he is also a king of torture and corruption... For decades Abdullah and his relatives have enjoyed the wealth generated by the desert kingdom's vast oil reserves and squandered it on whores, palaces and private jets... Listening to Abdullah lecture us on terrorism is like the Mafia criticising the Pope for not working harder to stop crime."

Abdullah's official all-male entourage includes 13 members of the Saudi royal family, plus hundreds of other hangers-on who arrived in five separate planes. Among them are some 30 advisers including members of his cabinet, interpreters, economists and specialists familiar with Britain. These are backed up by more than 100 officials who tend to all the King's personal needs, including cooks, maids, barbers, doctors and nurses. And finally - at the bottom of the pile - a number of his wives are believed to have flown in to attend to his personal needs. It is not know whether he has brought any of his executioners with him.

I'd like to write something about the need to establish common interests with people you wouldn't want to share a bottle of claret and some foie gras with, especially when you have wider strategic interests that need protecting. But even I couldn't stomach writing something so totally crass and unbelievable. And I sure as hell wouldn't want to be besieged with hostile comments from Party members and jibed at by LibDems. So I'll take wise counsel and shut up.
Celebrating gay rights in Riyadh


Lawrie of Arabia said...

You Islamaphobe!! Your hero Tony Bliar (not a spelling mistake you Ginger twat) won't be happy

Gengis Khan said...

No the first time The Queen or more correctly the Government has invited a nasty scumbag to Buckingham Palace

Nicolae Ceau┼čescu was given a honorary GCB by Queen Elizabeth II, famously awarded to him, together with the fancy of a trip in the queen's carriage, in exchange for Romania buying outdated British technology. On the day before his execution. Elizabeth also returned the Romanian Order Ceau┼čescu had bestowed upon her. That was nice of her. And didn't Tony Blair invite the Chinese leaders to Buck Palace and use Police to hassle Free Tibet protestors.

Anonymous said...

What a load of nonesense.

If you asked a couple of the vaste number of expats who live in saudi what they make of the country, regime etc, you'd get a much more realistic and better picture of what Saudi arabia is really like.
All this critical nonesense is generated by the same reactionary idiots in the media and elsewhere who jump at the chance of criticising places and people they don't understand. Idiots.
You're time would be much better spent looking at how your 'beloved Israel' treats innocent people- the words criminial, savage and immoral would be put to much better use if you did.

Luke Akehurst said...

As I said, Anonymous, a write-up by me does not imply wisdom. I do exactly what it says on the box.