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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ya Boo Sucks

So, John Yates - referred to unkindly by The Spoof as Baron (formerly Detective Sergeant) Plod - has revealed that his investigation was obstructed by a lack of co-operation over the 16 months he spent investigating cash-for-honours.

"I wouldn't mind being a Dame"Believed to have been referring to Abe "Scooter" Levy and Ruth "Scooter" Turner, Plod revealed that his team received "less than full co-operation". He added: "I don't say that now in the sense that it was deliberate in its intention but I think there was a sense they thought we would ask questions, get some answers and simply go away. That is not how the police work. People under suspicion in those kind of cases will try to hide evidence."

Well, "Ya boo sucks!" I say. You couldn't catch us, Yates, so tough titty. Go cry in the corner. I mean, what did you expect? We were all going to come out with our hands up and shout "Veinites"? This New Labour Government, with all the genius that it took to steal the Tory manifesto and become the natural party of government was going to roll over and admit to a criminal offence? A Government that managed to launch an illegal war in Iraq and get away with it was going to admit to selling a few bits of ermine and go to prison? I don't think so! Let's just get the pronunciation of that right. Close your eyes and imagine Gina Yashere saying that.


mike davies said...

Luke, would be interested in your views on the Miranda Grell case.

There is a new website to raise funds for her appeal at

I'm sure she'd appreciated the plug

Luke Akehurst said...

I already expressed my views here
and made my confession here