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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fame At Last

A handsome bastard on the cover GQ Magazine, April 2008I've been sworn to secrecy on this, but I simply can't keep it to myself any longer.

I've just got to give you a glimpse of the planned April 2008 issue of the leading "gentlemen's glossy" mag, GQ Magazine, focusing on Britain's leading bloggers.

And who's selected as numerono uno? Leading the feature... above Iain Dale, Paul Staines (aka. Guido Fawkes), Tim Montgomerie and Alex Hilton. All well-known bloggers, but none with the style and readership that I've got. Wow, am I chuffed or what!

My God, that man's good looking. And he'll be even more good looking than in the mock-up, because the real photos are being shot by the one and only David Bailey. That's right... David Bailey. He of The Krays, Lord Snowdon, The Beatles and the iconic plate of shrimps.

This could be the start of something really humongous for me. With Bailey photographing me, I could end up like Marianne Faithful, or Brian Jones.


Bunnykins said...

I don't know who the ugly bastards at the bottom of the cover are, but if that's you in the main feature photo you can canvass up my ward any day.

Aminda Shah (aged 6) said...

I don't understand. Aren't they dead?